A Relaxing Morning Bath For Mr. T24

Name-   T24

Place-   Ranthambhore National Park

Date-    12th October 2013

Time-   08:45 am to 09:11 am

My  fellow photographers and I had been on the safari jeep in the  Ranthambore National Park trying to locate Mr. T24. At precisely 09:00  am, we spotted him in the jungle, trotting towards the pond. Slowly he  slid himself into the cool calming water of the pond. We enjoyed  watching such a powerful yet enticing animal, the “National Animal” of  our country, from our end, as much as he enjoyed staring at us from his.  He did not roar at us or give any attention to our presence. After  exactly nine minutes he emerged out of the water, presumably more  relaxed and ‘clean’ and walked away from us and the pond. 

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Indian National Animal & Bird

Place- Jim Corbett National Park

Date- 15th December 2013

Time- 12:20 pm to 12:25 pm

While  driving through the narrow passages in the Jim Corbett National Park,  we saw a couple of peacock in distance. They were chirping and seemed to  be having a good time. We stopped our Jeep a couple of hundred yards  away from them to enjoy their quaver without disturbing or scaring them  away. Within a few minutes we noticed the tough guy emerge through the  woods onto the driveway. He didn’t seem to have noticed us. He just sat  there, probably enjoying the singing and chanting of the birds just like  us. As a few minutes passed our Jeep driver started the engine to  retreat the Jeep towards the exit, stirring us as well as the tiger from  our thoughts. We were thrilled to see that the tiger simply stood and  strolled back into the woods. He did not hurt the birds or us even when  we were all in such close capturing distance.

This is a beautiful capture of our National Bird and National Animal in the same frame.
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The Mighty Sultan


Place- Ranthambhore National Park

Date- 13th October 2013

Time- 04:30 pm to 04:58 pm

In  the afternoon, during our safari tour, we saw this mighty tiger spread  in one of the pits near the roadside, probably enjoying the cool mud in  the warm October weather. He saw us as we approached this little  territory, but he knew we are smart enough to know our limits. We were  parked at some distance from this beautiful wild mammal watching him as  he stretched and relaxed in mud. We exchanged some looks during the 30  minutes encounter but neither of us said anything to each other. It is  too fascinating to see him like He was King of the Jungle so up close.  Eventually he got bored of us staring at him, and stood up and trotted  away from us.  
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Love is in The Air

Bird Species- Rose Ringed Parakeet (Male & Female)

Place- On the way to Jhajjar, Haryana, India

Date- 27th February 2014

Time- 09:52 am to 09:55 am

At  around 09:45, while my dad and I were waiting for the train at a  railway crossing, we spotted this lovely parakeet couple. They were  totally enchanted into each other’s love. It was tantalizing so see such  affection and fondness among birds.  
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After all we evolved from them

Various capture certifying the  intellectual, innovative, caring and affectionate characters of monkeys.  After all we evolved from the smart themselves!  
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Feathered Creatures

Place- Ranthambhore National Park

Date- 13th October 2013

Time- 06:22 pm

Possibly migratory birds getting ready for the seasonal changes in India!!!  
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